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Serena Guthrie – End Of An Era

Possibly one of the best mid-court players of the current era, Serena Guthrie has announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Bob Kersten. With this exciting news, Serena confirmed her retirement from all forms of netball in March 2022. Often the first name on the team sheet, Guthrie is a player that is respected on and off the court in netball and the wider sporting world. Her personality is infectious and her level of commitment to the sport we all know and love is something to admire. The news of her retirement brings the end of an era.

When Guthrie stepped on a netball court, her team had a spring in their step and the opposition would let out a sly, but noticeable grumble. They knew that at any point, the zippy centre or WD could ping from nowhere to intercept a pass you thought on release was a dead cert to make it. This led to a new era of netball, one where players had more freedom to explore what they were capable of, to taste life as professional athletes. A life that has propelled the likes of Natalie Metcalf, Helen Housby and Jo Harten to become household names. Netball is growing and we can confidently say it’s thanks to Serena Guthrie.

Through netball, Serena has achieved things, that at one point, we didn’t know were possible in the sport. A Commonwealth Gold and an MBE sit amongst the notable accolades she has won as a player for club and country. The bar has been pushed high, and possibilities within our sport have been augmented because of her. She has been (and will continue to be) an inspiration for young netball athletes worldwide.

Watch some epic Serena Guthrie interceptions in this video:

Serena Guthrie Age

Serena retired from netball at the age of 32 and in an interview with The Telegraph insisted that becoming a mother is not the reason for her retirement.

“I don’t want people to think that all of a sudden, I’m pregnant, so I have to retire. We’re seeing more pregnancies, and more women confident they can become mothers and play sports. I want people to understand – this was a choice, I had all the options, and I still have. What’s so positive is pregnancy is more visible and that’s a massive step forward in our industry. It’s so empowering.”

“I came to Bath at 16, I’ve gone to multiple Commonwealths and World Cups, I’ve achieved an MBE – which still blows my mind – are there any voids I want to fill? After sitting with this news, and trying not to let it direct me, I remember waking up one day and thinking, yep, this is totally right. I’ve got nothing left to prove or to chase.”

Molly McElwee for The Telegraph, 13th March 2022

Serena Guthrie

Serena Guthrie Team Bath

After returning from the Suncorp League in 2019, Serena re-joined Team Bath where she started her netball career in 2006. Team Bath reached the VNSL final in 2021 narrowly losing to Loughborough Lightning. It seems fitting that Serena closed the door on her playing career at the same club where it all started.

“I’ve had an amazing career in the Blue & Gold and to the Team Bath fans, I want to say thank you for being an amazing part of my journey – my career wouldn’t have been as special without that support,”

The 2022 Quad Series was Serena’s last appearance in an England Roses team and her club, Team Bath, has confirmed Serena will continue to have some involvement in the Team Bath set-up for the 2022 season although in what capacity is still be to announced.

The netball court won’t quite be the same without Guthrie pinging left and right to get her hands on balls that to us mere mortals, seem out of reach.

We wish Serena all the best for this next, exciting phase of her life. She is possibly, probably but more likely definitely the best mid-court player of our current era.

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