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Easter Performance Netball Camp recap

Well, Easter Performance Netball Camp, what can we say! All three days sold out and we welcomed young netballers from all over the north of England. The coaching team for Performance Camp must be one of our best yet!

Day one at Leeds Trinity University was led by our head coach, founder and former Netball Superleague coach Anna Carter. For day two we headed back to Trinity University with International netballer Natalie Panagarry. On the third and final day, we moved to Gateways School near Leeds with International star and attacking player Natalie Metcalf leading the way.

What did we do at Performance Netball Camp?

Day one with Anna Carter

The morning session focused on tactics in attack, with players working on presenting options onto the ball. After a morning of driving, dodging and expanding the girls’ attacking awareness, we paused for lunch.

It was all about defence in the afternoon, specifically thinking about timing defensive charges. Throughout the day the girls took part in lots of match play to practise all the new skills they had picked up

Day two with Natalie Panagarry

Day two with Superleague player captain Natalie Panagarry started with a technical session looking at the fundamentals of passing and footwork with some netball specific sprint work thrown in for good measure. Natalie progressed this to talk about 1st ball contest in defence.

The afternoon session focused on balance and stability when receiving the ball and then defence, specifically looking at quick footwork and timing your run for the intercept. This built on the work Anna had done on day one at netball camp.

Natalie Panagarry on Performance Netball Camp:

“I really enjoyed working with the girls on camp today. They’ve worked so hard! We worked on defence, challenging balls, dictating your space and communicating with team members before finishing off with some match play.”

Natalie Panagarry at netball camp this easter
Natalie Panagarry at our Performance Netball Camp

Day three with Natalie Metcalf

The final day of netball camp was led by International player Natalie Metcalf. It was great having Nat back at an Elite netball camp; we had certainly missed having her at camps in person during her stint in Australia for the New South Wales Swifts.

Want to know more about Natalie’s time Downunder? Click here

Nat focused on changing direction in attack reiterating to the girls that your change of direction has to be convincing to lose the defender. Nat also spoke about the importance of being clear in the direction you’re going to help out your teammates and why you have to commit to the drive. Nat then stripped it back to focus on the core movement skills every attacking netball player needs in their locker.

Natalie Metcalf at netball camp
Natalie Metcalf on day three of Performance Netball Camp

It’s been a busy Easter for ELITE NETBALL ACADEMY

Following a successful day at netball camp on day one, Anna headed to North Wales to work with Brymbo Netball Club. Brymbo wanted Anna to support their preparations for the Nationals which are being held in Cardiff. Anna also worked with their coaches and discussed individual progress points. The next day saw Anna on the road again, this time heading to join Cumbria County Netball Association. Throughout the day Anna completed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with their coaches and worked with county players on their skills development and overall understanding of the game.

Following netball camp Anna traveled to Wales to work with Brymbo netball club
Anna with players from Brymbo Netball Club

All in all a great week working with passionate young athletes at netball camp and club level, inspiring coaches and some of the best players in our sport.

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