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3 Netball Shooting Drills

We asked international and Superleague netballer Berri Neil for three shooting drills to improve shooting accuracy and technique.

These netball shooting drills are super easy to do at home! They’re designed to be done on your own so if no one is around to be your feeder, you can still get a good training session in.

To improve shooting accuracy and technique, we recommend shooters put up 200 shots a day, five days a week. So grab a ball, and some cones and let’s start shooting!

These drills are suitable for beginners and experienced players.

This first netball shooting drill focuses on accuracy. Aim to score from every cone.

netball shooting drill

Randomly place 10 cones in the circle. (If you don’t have cones, you can use water bottles, jumpers etc.)

Start at any cone, and give yourself a word, for example, P.O.S.T.

Starting shooting, and every time you miss, take one letter from the word you chose and stay on that cone until you get a goal.

For example, if you miss two shots at one cone, you would be on P.O, with two chances left.

Remember the shorter the word the harder the game, so test yourself and make it harder each time you play! Keep going until you have scored from every cone. If you miss and complete your chosen word – start again!

I do this drill before every session or match, it’s a good way to hold yourself accountable while enjoying putting up shots. 

The second netball shooting drill practices getting closer to post through split landings.

netball shooting drill

Practice tossing the ball up in the air and doing a split landing. If you have a wall, you can feed it off the wall.

The aim is to start far away from the post and receive the ball as close to the post as you can to turn and shoot with no pressure.

Practice different types of split landings and mix it up.

A split landing is a two-footed landing where the feet land far apart. It’s generally used in the attacking circle for shooters to get closer to the post. The player can pivot on the foot closest to the post (choosing to make this the landing foot) and move the other foot next to it to go for goal.

To do split landings in netball, players need to develop mobility and stability in their hips, knees and ankles. Plus, know where the defenders are – this will determine the type of split landing they do.

Check out our ankle, shoulder, core and hip stability exercises. Ideal to help you master split landings and turn to post.

You can do a back split, which is where your body and shoulders stay straight on and your back leg splits back.

Or a side split, which you would use if a defender was coming around one side, you would split with your body open to the other side so that your back was on the defender.  

Once you get the hang of split landings, practice doing two or even three in a row, by starting further out and trying to get as close to the post as you can.

Remember the aim of split landings for attackers is, to get closer to the post, so start further out and push yourself.

I do this drill before every match to incorporate getting closer to the post with accurate shooting. 

This final netball shooting drill works on shooting under pressure and while maintaing technique.

netball shooting drill

Randomly place 10 cones/objects in the circle.

Set a 30-second timer and try to score from the cone/object. If you miss, stay on the same cone until you get it in (which is obviously time-consuming because the clock is ticking!)

Once the time is up, see how many cones/objects you completed and count your goals!

If you complete it easily or struggle to complete it, remember these drills are flexible and can be made easier or harder. For example, to make it harder add more cones or reduce the time you have.

This drill is a hard one, so push yourself and see what you can achieve! 

We hope you enjoy trying out these netball shooting drills!

Berri xx

GA/ GS Berri Neil is an international netballer who is currently playing in the UK Superleague.

Height: 183 cm

First netball club: YWCA Bury

Header photo thanks to Photo by Joe Le Mare on Unsplash

netball shooting drills

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