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Introducing Berri Neil

We’re delighted to welcome international and Superleague player Berri Neil to the Elite Netball Academy family. Berri is joining our team as an ambassador and will be attending classes and camps throughout the year to help players develop new skills and pass on her netball knowledge.

Elite Netball Academy founder, Anna Carter, is excited to have Berri on board. “She’s an exciting talent and we’re looking forward to closely following her journey in the sport. I know Berri’s really looking forward to sharing some shooting drills and attacking ideas with our players when she joins us at Elite sessions and camps.”

Let’s get to know Berri a little bit better:

How do you feel about joining the Elite Netball team as an ambassador?

I feel so excited about joining the Elite Netball team as an ambassador, coaching is something I have a huge passion for. I have already heard so much about Elite Netball Academy so to be able to work with them to do something I love is amazing.

What are you most looking forward to doing as part of your role?

I am most looking forward to sharing some cool shooting drills that I have learnt along the way. As a GA, I am always trying to find ways to make practising shooting at home as fun as it can be. So I am excited to share some drills for young netballers to practise at home.

Berri Neil

Why do you enjoy working with young netballers?

I enjoy working with young netballers because when I was younger I was so inspired by players. I would always attend the Thunder holiday camps, and be coached by inspiring players like Chelsea Pitman and Laura Malcom. I hope to be able to do the same, for young players coming through. I would love to be able to give them even just one drill or learning that sticks with them for the rest of their career.

What has netball taught you?

⁠Netball has taught me so much on the court, but off the court, it has made me a more confident person. I think it has also taught me a lot more about how important nutrition, exercise and sleep are for our bodies. And without netball, I don’t think I would be as vigilant with the things I eat and how I choose to keep fit.

Berri Neil

Who inspired you to chase your netball dream?

My parents have always been my biggest inspiration. My mum, dad and grandma have supported me since day one, and I don’t think they have had a weekend to themselves since I was nine! They have given up so much of their own life to support me and my brothers to play sports. They have always believed in us and are so positive.

Who do you look up to in netball?

There are so many amazing athletes and coaches in our sport. For their style of play and coaching I would have to say Lisa Alexander, Helen Housby, Liana Leota and Gretel Bueta. They have all achieved major things in their careers, including winning World Cups or Commonwealth Games while representing their country, and playing amazing netball.

If you weren’t a netball player, what job would you be doing?

If I wasn’t a netball player I would be doing another sport! My family weren’t very strict on our academic studies but they always wanted us to be doing some sort of physical activity. When I was younger I used to do every sport from ju-jitsu right through to football. Growing up it was important for us that we found a sport we loved and stuck with it. I would probably be playing basketball or something similar if I wasn’t a netball player.

Favourite netball memory to date?

My favourite netball memory is getting my first international cap in New Zealand and winning the game by one goal! I’ve been dreaming about playing for England since I was a little girl and I used to go to all the games to support them. So being able to put on the red dress and represent England now feels very surreal!

Do you have Any pre-game superstitions?

I am quite a superstitious person, but a big one is I always have a Red Bull before a big game. I think I once played well after drinking a Red Bull, and it has stuck with me since!

berri neil

About Berri Neil:

GA/ GS Berri Neil is an international netballer who is currently playing in the UK Superleague.

Height: 183 cm

First netball club: YWCA Bury

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