Our Coach Mentoring programme is a passion for Elite Netball Academy’s founder and Head Coach Anna Carter. Anna wants to invest in coaches who are serious about their journey and personal development and who are driven to make their coaching environments the best they can be. Coaching work focuses on progress and through this programme, you’ll be open to the development of new ideas within the game of netball and elite sport. Anna believes coaches need to challenge and be challenged on how they see things to ensure players are given the experiences they need to thrive while having a great time. This programme will also build your coaching confidence.

These are 1:1 sessions led by our Head Coach Anna Carter and supported by a team of deliverers. Our Coach Mentoring programme takes place remotely and is application only, please get in touch with us for more information on how to apply.

Who this is for?

For netball coaches looking to improve their netball coaching skills at all levels of the game. Our netball Coach Mentoring programme is a structured programme run in blocks that will give you all the knowledge you need to take the next leap on your coaching journey. A must-have programme for aspirational netball coaches at all levels.

So far we have support coaches in Bath, Bournemouth, Sussex, Yorkshire, Wales and Manchester.

What does the Coach Mentoring Programme cover?

  • Individual coach technical skills analysis
  • Individual coach delivery skills sessions
  • Performance anaylsis
  • Development plan
  • Game observations and actions
  • Individual coach feedback plan
  • Session plan development
  • Leadership skills
  • Group theory session
  • Weekly catch-ups
  • Playbook support
  • Framework support

The outcomes:

Whether you’re wanting to land your dream job or add to your existing toolbox, you’ll start to see the game differently and will approach your coaching sessions with your school or club in a more structured way. Your understanding of the game and its athletes will reach new levels and you’ll be constantly pushing yourself to see what you can achieve.

“The Elite Netball Academy Coach Mentoring programme has really helped us as a club to define our path towards building a performance section. Anna’s wealth of netball knowledge has been great to tap into. We’ve received support and information on a range of areas that we wanted to develop our knowledge in. The range of guest speaker sessions that Anna organised has also helped in building our game analysis capabilities. We would highly recommend this programme to anyone wishing to develop their coaching capabilities.”

Laura Newton, Herts Dynamos Netball Club