elite netball journey

Millie’s netball journey

From development classes to our High-Performance Academy and now a franchise pathway.

Elite Netball Academy has been part of Millie’s netball journey for a few years and recently we were delighted to hear that after years of hard work and dedication, Millie had been accepted into a franchise pathway. As with most journeys, there have been some bumps along the way. We caught up with Millie recently to find out more about her journey in the sport and what keeps her motivated.

I started my journey with Elite Netball Academy in 2020, I was 13 and joined the development classes. With the help of my coaches, I soon moved up to the High-Performance Academy classes. The weekly, structured coaching provided by Elite has been so important in my development and now I’m playing in a U17 franchise squad.   

It has been an incredible experience! The level of coaching, the intensity of training, and the overall commitment to helping us improve as athletes. 

elite netball journey

I like all the sessions, but the specialist Masterclass sessions and the Residential Netball Camps stand out for me. Having access to professional players and high-quality coaches makes Elite a unique training academy.

I would encourage anyone considering joining Elite Netball Academy to take the opportunity.

Elite provides top-quality coaching and a competitive environment that pushes you to be the best netballer you can be. It’s also lots of fun and I have made many great friends through Elite. 

I want to continue to improve as a player and play at the highest standard possible. One of my short-term goals this season is to work hard towards being selected for the U17 NPL team starting seven. One of my long-term goals is to play in the National League Premiership.

Each week I am trying to become a better netballer. At Elite it’s great to play with other players who think the same and we all help to push each other to improve. It’s inspiring to see so many of the Elite players go on to play at a high standard and being coached by professional players such as Nat Panagarry keeps me motivated.

elite netball journey
Nat Panagarry is Performance Coach Consultant at Elite

Being coached by Nat Panagarry is an incredible experience. Her wealth of experience as an elite player brings a unique perspective to coaching. She is such a hardworking player which inspires me to also work hard. She is friendly and approachable and always happy to give us advice. It’s such an amazing opportunity to be coached by her week in and out.  

During challenging times, maintaining a positive mindset is crucial. I remind myself of my targets, the long-term goals I’ve set, and the progress I’ve made. Additionally, the support system within the team, including coaches and players, plays a huge role in overcoming tough moments.  

My favourite Superleague player is Rhea Dixon. She is one of the most creative Goal Attacks in the Superleague. Watching her play is inspiring. She has such a distinctive style of feeding the circle and shooting, unlike any other player. Whenever she is on court, she radiates positivity and is so calm under pressure.

elite netball journey

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