Athlete Spotlight – Brand Ambassador Tallulah

Here at Elite, we’re all about empowering and improving the confidence of the players on and off the court. This year, for the first time, we have player Brand Ambassadors at Elite Netball Academy.

Our Ambassadors will help raise awareness of Elite Netball Academy through their own stories and achievements within the game and amongst their peer group. Being an ambassador will give players additional skills off the court and give them a taste of what it’s like having additional responsibility within a team. We hope this programme helps develop players and creates responsible leaders who represent everything Elite is passionate about.

Our ambassadors nominated themselves to be selected and then a group of Elite Netball Academy coaches got together to pick an ambassador for each High-Performance Centre class. In this blog, we meet defender and Leeds U13, Ambassador Tallulah.

Name: Tallulah

Age: 12

Club: Prince Henry’s Grammar School and Leeds Athletic Netball Club

Time playing netball: Two years

Favourite netball players: Vicki Oyesola and Geva Mentor

Aspirations in netball: Play for Leeds Rhinos

Pre-match food of choice: Flapjack or cereal bar before games and a chocolate milkshake for recovery after games.

Training with Elite Netball Academy: 4 months

What keeps you motivated: friends, my team and my coaches.

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Why did you want to be a Brand Ambassador?

I was really happy when I was asked to be an Ambassador for my U13 High-Performance Centre class. It’s a great opportunity to get some really good coaching and improve my netball skills on and off the court. I’m really glad I’ve been given this amazing opportunity.

What are you most looking forward to doing in your role as an Elite Brand Ambassador?

I train and play netball for three clubs – for my school team, for Leeds Athletic Netball Club and now Elite. I hope people in these teams and the opposition think I’m a tough but fair player to play against and see my skills improve. The way I play, and act, on and off the court will show everyone what Elite Netball Academy stands for.

How long have you been training with Elite?

I’ve been training with Elite for four months and I’ve already noticed improvements in my skills and fitness.

Tallulah playing for Leeds Athletic.

What do you enjoy about training with Elite?

You meet netball superstars and improve on many different things such as defence and attacking, you learn new things every session. There is a huge focus on fitness, it’s tough but really beneficial. Some of my teammates go too, but I also get to make new friends with all the girls.

What are your favourite sessions at Elite?

I like the sessions where professional netball players come in and help us develop our skills. I really enjoy the defence-specific sessions (I’m a defender). They’re all really fun with some tough fitness drills included which I like.

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Tell us about the friends you have made at Elite

I’ve made lots of new friends at Elite. Everyone is lovely and has an amazing passion for netball.

What would you say to anyone considering joining Elite?

They should give it a go as it gives you so many opportunities and will help you to improve in defence and attacking skills. It’s really friendly and welcoming.

Aspirations in netball

I would love to play professionally for Leeds Rhinos and if I try really hard and keep improving I might be lucky enough to play for England one day. At the moment I just want to keep improving and listening to my coaches.

What keeps you motivated

My friends, my team and my coaches. They help so much when you’re feeling down and keep pushing you. I also want to do it for them, it’s important to always do your best especially when it’s really tough.

What’s it like getting training and support from Superleague players Natalie Metcalf, Nat Panagarry and Paige Reed?

It’s amazing that you get to meet them and that they help you to grow and understand how to use your skills in the game.

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