Together we can help you go far. Elite Netball Academy’s Masterclasses have been carefully designed to enhance the skill levels of young, aspiring netballers.

Netball Masterclasses are tailored for player development in defensive/midcourt/attacking focused sessions. These sessions, including group coaching, will provide players with the attention and support they need to develop their game in these specific areas. Working towards having great knowledge of what’s expected in your position and what others might be looking for such as coaches and selectors.

You’ll work closely with World Class players and coaches who have experience at Superleague and international level to get an inside track on technical and tactical information.

These Masterclass sessions offer a truly unique opportunity to level up players’ positional understanding of netball and will help turn you into a master of the court.   

Elite Netball Academy


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Who this is for?

For netballers aged 11 – 17 who are looking to improve their netball skills and develop tactical aspects of their game.

What do netball masterclasses cover?

  • Focused positional movement
  • Focused positional awareness
  • Focused positional ball skills
  • Technical positional skills
  • Coaching led by a positional expert from the highest levels of the game

The outcomes

Our experienced team of coaches and top-level players will guide you every step of the way, keeping the workshops challenging yet fun. You will develop into an all-round netball player and become a tactical master of the game.