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Residential Netball Camp Recap

Residential netball Camp 2022 – A Recap

What. A. Week.

We had the best week at our annual Residential Netball Camp! We say this every year but it was probably our best one yet and the new venue at Queen Ethelburga’s College near York had awesome facilities for us to use all week. 70 netballers from all over the country joined us with some girls even coming from Dubai and Gilbrator!

Residential Netball Camp sold out within weeks and we were delighted to have an array of awesome netball coaches join us throughout the week.

Day 1 at Residential Netball Camp

In the morning, the coaching team for camp, Anna, Emily, Ebony, Elias, Laura and Erin welcomed 70 netballers to Queen Ethelburga’s College near York. Once everyone had arrived we headed to our accommodation to get settled in and unpacked. After an important safety briefing, it was time to hit the netball court!

The players were split into different groups, based on their age and the first session commenced. These focused on nailing the basics in different scenarios and included footwork drills and passing. We then developed this to work on taking on defenders with a change of direction.

After lunch, a fitness session was on the menu followed by some matchplay for all the groups. A netball quiz and swimming were the evening activities.


Day two’s technical netball session saw us working on ball and first ball contest, every player worked so hard to be ready for the second contest and it was great to hear the players commenting on how much they’d learnt already. Encouraging players to recover and put pressure on the next pass is crucial. We developed this by working on getting players to go for the intercept with both hands. We were lucky to have Performance Analysis expert Doctor Andrew Butterworth from Loughborough Lightning join us to lead some sessions at camp. Andrew has worked with Loughborough Lightning for a number of years now and has been key in helping them analyse not only their own game but competitors too.

Strength and conditioning coach and fitness expert Eddy Fuller joined us in the afternoon and led four great sessions showing our athletes movement skills and the best strength and conditioning exercises for netball players.

The evening activity involved more swimming and a friendly tournament.

Day 3 at residential netball camp

Two technical sessions were on the menu for day three, the first one involved group drills and we built on this to work on attacking connections. A Performance Analysis follow-up from the day before provided some good talking points and after lunch, we had a great afternoon of match play – putting into practice everything learnt so far.

As it was the last evening of camp, what else could we do but hold a talent show? The athletes absolutely loved this and it was a chance to let their hair down with new and old friends – the evening was a great success and enjoyed by all!

Day 4 at residential netball camp

ENA Ambassador, England Roses and Loughborough Lightning player Natalie Panagarry joined us for the final day of Residential Netball Camp. Nat helped us with some coaching in the morning and then hosted a Q & A with our athletes. This gave Nat the chance to talk about her experiences of a performance lifestyle and what it’s like being a top-level athlete.

Finally, we rounded off Residential Camp with a tournament. Parents were invited to watch the event and it was overwhelming to get such positive feedback as we waved everyone off home after an epic four days.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us at camp. We covered so many netball topics including technical, tactical, recovery techniques, education in performance plus fitness and conditioning sessions.

What you’re saying about our 4-day Residential Netball Camp:

It’s been wonderful to hear such lovely feedback following Residential Netball Camp, here are a couple of snippets from athletes and parents:

“India absolutely loved everything about camp!! She was buzzing when I collected her.”

“Camp was amazing. Great balance of fitness sessions and match play sessions. Some sessions really pushed me which was good. Loved the spin session on the bike! Facilities were amazing and rooms were great. Really loved spending time with my netball friends and making new friends. Performance analysis session was great. Great opportunity to do pre-season training.”

“Claire’s overall experience was fantastic. The week was very helpful for the upcoming season and mentally she learned a great lesson from Nat Panagarry.”

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