Partnership with Athletic Skills

We’re delighted to introduce Isaac Leung, founder of Athletic Skills, as our strength and conditioning consultant.

Isaac is a passionate strength and conditioning coach, we are excited to have him on board to help us develop programmes for players and athletes that look at:

  • Injury prevention
  • Strength and explosive strength
  • Injury recovery
  • Conditioning
  • Fitness resources
  • Group warm ups
  • Coach education
strength and conditioning netball

From an early age, I had a passion for sports, playing various games throughout my childhood. At the age of 16, I started getting into fitness. By the time I finished college, I was unsure about my career path. However, I knew I wanted to pursue something related to fitness. This led me to discover Strength and Conditioning (S&C) as a career option which aligned with my passion for sport and performance.

I pursued this through university, where I coached local swimmers, netball players, footballers, and cricketers. After university, I worked in S&C in professional cricket with Yorkshire CCC, Northern Diamonds, and England Women’s teams. Additionally, I coached at a girls’ school, covering various sports.

Throughout my time as an S&C coach, I have encountered numerous young athletes who, upon reaching me at an academy or professional stage, struggle with basic movement or lack key physical aspects of their game due to limited or nonexistent S&C support. Additionally, through working with various sports coaches and PE teachers, I have found that many share a passion for improving their athletes’ movement and physical development. However, they often don’t know where to start or lack the confidence to try new methods.

strength and conditioning netball

I believe that young athletes need to be exposed to some form of S&C across all ages to develop fundamental movements, enhance physical development during maturation, and ensure they establish a healthy relationship with exercise and fitness for later life. This belief led me to create Athletic Skills. I also want to tackle key myths about S&C with children and show how it can be fun and done in any environment.

Athletic Skills enables me to reach as many young athletes as possible across various sports by educating sports coaches and PE teachers on how they can effectively integrate S&C into their environments. This approach ensures young athletes receive the necessary support to improve their physical capabilities and overall athletic performance.

Netballers are always looking for ways to be stronger, faster and more dynamic. Being invested in S&C makes my job easier, and netballers often see the benefits it can bring to their game. Strength, speed and power as well as coordination have such a big role to play in netball and being able to support players with that across age groups is something I am looking forward to. 

I’m also excited about the opportunity to help grow women’s sport. Having been part of the journey as women’s cricket became professionalised, I would like to continue supporting that growth in other sports.

I am looking forward to connecting with passionate netball players and coaches to show them how they can incorporate S&C in a fun and practical way. Everyone can access S&C, regardless of the equipment or time available. Additionally, I am excited about creating strong, agile, and robust netball players globally through Elite, as well as developing many coaches who can deliver high-quality S&C. Furthermore, I can’t wait to help more young athletes have access to S&C so they can have fun and develop their movement and different physical qualities to improve their game but also have a better understanding of fitness for life outside of netball.

We will begin with fundamental movements that underpin complex actions in netball. Learning how to jump, land, accelerate, and turn effectively and safely. Additionally, they will start to build up strength, power, balance, and coordination, and understand how they can achieve this at home / in a gym. This will help build fitness in preseason and transfer nicely into your training sessions. Hopefully, players will find they’re faster, stronger and more agile to perform during games once the season starts.

strength and conditioning netball

In a recent online workshop for netball coaches, I demonstrated how S&C can be implemented simply yet effectively to enhance their athletes’ movement and skill transfer. I talked about fun methods, practical solutions, and some underlying theories to help coaches incorporate S&C into their netball sessions without needing a gym or extensive equipment. Additionally, I highlighted how warm-ups can set the tone for their session, engage their athletes, excite them for what’s to come and facilitate the physical development of their skills. The full session is available to purchase and view on our Member’s Area.

S&C can enhance your on-court performance in many ways. It can make you more agile, allowing you to create space and escape from an opponent. Greater power enables you to jump higher to reach a ball or block shots Shamera Sterling-Humphrey style. Improved endurance lets you perform your skills at the same intensity from the first to the final quarter. Additionally, a better understanding of S&C will help you warm up and cool down more effectively before and after sessions, maintain or improve your fitness outside of sessions to continue your development as a netballer and recover quicker between games. This ensures you’re fresh for your next game or training session, reducing tiredness and soreness.

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