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Netball videos and PDF resources packed with technical sessions, tactics and new training drills

Suitable for players, coaches and fans of the game

our online netball resource centre will Increase your confidence, technical ability and tactical awareness.

Regular uploads of video and PDF netball drills, skills, fitness tips and coaching resources plus…

Lifestyle and yoga workouts

From skincare for athletes to training around your period and quick yoga workouts for netballers, our lifestyle section will keep your body healthy away from the court

strength & conditioning

Netball is a physically demanding sport. To be prepared to hit the court and avoid injury, the body must be built on strong foundations. We’ll help you get quicker, stronger and more dynamic

Netball tips and advice

Advice on what to eat before a netball game, how to prepare for trials and improve your netball coaching. We cover a range of hot topics in our netball advice section

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Access to Coach, Player, Lifestyle and Strength and Conditioning videos and PDF resources

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Access to Coach, Player, Lifestyle and Strength and Conditioning videos and PDF resources PLUS bonus content from International and Superleague players

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Netball coaches and players – it’s time to explore your potential.

Elite Netball Academy online netball training membership gives you all the tools you need to become a better netball player and netball coach.

Our goal is to support you through every step of your netball journey. So whether you’re just getting started and interested in learning more about the game or you’ve been playing and coaching in the sport for years and are looking for new ideas, you’re in the right place.

From £50 for annual membership

Bonus Content

COMING SOON – upscale your membership to get up close and personal with international players

Our bonus content is being created by some of the biggest names in the sport. For an additional £9.99, you’ll be able to upscale your membership to get video content from International and Superleague players Natalie Metcalf and Nat Panagarry.

Take your tactical and technical ability to the next level.

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Driving Standards in netball

An online resource for every player

Our online netball training centre is for everyone. With videos showing netball skills for beginners right through to advanced set plays, and specialist focus on attack, defence and mid-court play. Our netball videos will help you explore your potential as a netball player.

How can I train for netball at home?

Designed to develop holistic netball players, our online netball resource centre includes netball skills and drills for players, lifestyle advice as well as strength and conditioning programmes to help you become a master of the court.

On-demand training to suit your schedule

Including fun ideas for training you can do at home

Netball Drills you can do on your own

Additional training sessions you can try

Attack and defence masterclass sessions

With international and Superleague netballers

Strength and conditioning sessions

Gain strength and prevent injury

Just £50 for an annual membership

“Amazing resources!”

“I’m so much fitter!”

“Elite Netball Academy has provided a refreshing and different angle of coaching. It has been great to see Faye’s confidence grow and she is now able to see the game from a different perspective.”

An online resource for every netball coach


Through our online netball resource centre, get access to training videos and PDF resources created by former Superleague head coach and England player Anna Carter.

New content is added regularly to keep your training sessions varied and fun. You can use our netball training videos and PDF resources with your club or school netball team.

Great videos clearly showing breakdown of skills. Love the shooting programme and how it clearly outlines and encourages the expectations and development of shooters worth every penny, thank you!

Yvonne, G-Force SSA Netball Club
online netball training

Elite Netball Academy training videos have really helped our club to define its path towards building a performance section. The netball knowledge we have gained is invaluable.”


Our online netball training Resources for coaches will provide you with:

Access to expert training videos and PDF netball resources that you can use with your own club or school netball team. Suitable for all ages, drills can be adjusted depending on player ability and videos come with full commentary to explain the drills.

Themed videos for focused sessions

Dedicated sessions no matter what you want to focus on

resources to aid your player’s development

Strength and conditioning plus lifestyle advice to help your players

access to new drills and PDF resources

New videos and sessions are uploaded regularly

skills and tips to improve your coaching

Learn from the best coaches to expand your understanding of the game

Just £50 for annual membership

online netball training
Meet the team

Online Netball Resource – Key contributors

We’ve gathered some of the most experienced people we know to influence content for the online netball resource centre
online netball resource

Anna Carter

Anna is a former England player, England Academy Coach, technical support coach and selector. She led a Superleague team to a Grand Final and is passionate about building the foundations of netball
online netball resource

Maggie Birkinshaw

Key contributor – defensive play
Maggie is a former England player, a current England selector and an NSL assistant coach with a wealth of knowledge from junior to senior netball.
online netball resource

Helena Byles

Key contributor – lifestyle
A sports lover, Helena blends yoga and barre to create classes that work intelligently on strength, mobility and flexibility for netball players. Her classes are an excellent support to training, offering physical and mental health, and a sense of feeling good!

online netball resource

Dr Andrew Butterworth

Key contributor – tactical
A world-renowned netball analyst, Andrew has worked at the highest level in the sport. In Andy’s current role he has supported an NSL team to two Grand Final wins

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Access to Coach, Player, Lifestyle and Strength and Conditioning videos and PDF resources

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Access to Coach, Player, Lifestyle and Strength and Conditioning videos and PDF resources PLUS bonus content from International and Superleague players

Club Membership

Want all your coaches to have access to our online netball centre packed with group drills and tactical sessions? Let us tailor a package that works for your netball club

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Our online netball resource centre is an online platform and at the moment it’s only possible to access and watch the videos with an active internet connection. The PDFs can be downloaded and used without an internet connection.

You can generate English subtitles by clicking “cc” on the right-hand corner of the video screen.

We upload new videos and PDF resources regularly.
If there’s anything you’d like to see, whether that’s a video on a certain topic or a specific skill, feel free to fill out the feedback area of the member’s area dashboard page.

The resources and skills shown in the video are aimed at beginners through to players who have a good understanding of the game. Every drill and skill has an easier option so you can practice it with players who don’t have as much experience in the sport too.

About Elite Netball Academy

Driving standards in netball, Elite Netball Academy offers a progressive pathway for netball players of all ages. We support athletes at the beginning of their netball journey to athletes with big aspirations. We do this through in-person classes and camps and online through our online netball training resource centre.

The vision of our founder, former Superleague coach and international pathway selector Anna Carter, is to create unique opportunities and progressive experiences through the sport that last and transcend every aspect of an athlete’s life, on and off the court.

Anna and the coaching team at Elite Netball bring passion, experience and knowledge of the game at the highest level to help athletes progress and gain school, club and pathway selection. They have a strong reputation for helping several athletes make franchise and pathway programmes for Superleague netball clubs in the UK.

Elite Netball Academy supports an athlete’s netball journey in a professional and driven environment that works alongside club or school netball commitments