Our Netball Coaching Workshops are for coaches to learn more about the game and expand their coaching toolbox. Led by Elite Netball Academy expert coaches, these netball workshops will focus on one of the topics below:

  • Coaching players the basics of netball
  • Instructing groups on netball drills and skills
  • Understanding and implementing set plays

These Netball Coaching Workshops are for netball coaches at all stages of their coaching journey. So if you’re looking to improve your coaching and get some new ideas, these workshops are for you.

We will seek to broaden your understanding of netball and educate you on the demands placed on netball coaches, so you are prepared for every scenario the game presents.

Please contact us for more information on our Netball Coaching Workshops. When emailing please state which workshop you are interested in attending.

Who this is for?

For netball coaches looking to improve their netball coaching skills. Suitable for school and club coaches at all levels of the game.

What does A netball coaching workshop cover?

Each workshop has a different theme and these will vary between – coaching players the basics of netball, how to instruct groups on netball drills and skills and understanding and implementing set plays. Within these themes, the workshops will cover:

  • Positional skills in attack and defence
  • Performance analysis
  • Learn in a high-performance environment
  • Leadership development
  • Game development
  • Good coaching practice
  • Ball-handling skills
  • Technical analysis and guidance

The outcomes:

Whether you’re wanting to land your dream job or add to your existing toolbox, you’ll start to see the game differently and will approach your coaching sessions with your school or club in a more structured way. Your understanding of the game and its athletes will reach new levels and you’ll be constantly pushing yourself to see what you can achieve. When emailing us to enquire please let us know which workshop you’d be interested in attending.