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Chatting with Elite Netball Academy Buckinghamshire coach hayley Mackellar

We’re delighted to welcome former International netball player Hayley Mackellar to the Elite Netball Academy coaching team.

Hayley is also a current NSL assistant coach and Scotland U21 Head Coach.

Following a successful playing career in the defensive circle, Hayley’s energy for netball is infectious. Hayley will head up our Buckinghamshire High-Performance Centre classes. These netball classes are sure to be full of fun with lots of innovative ideas for our netball athletes to put into practice.

hayley mackellar

Let’s get to know Hayley a little bit better…

What’s your earliest netball memory?

Starting to play netball more and more at school and getting into the County team. Then going to watch England v Australia because my PE teacher at the time was playing for England! 

What attracted you to elite netball academy?

I love Elite’s concept and what they are delivering, I’ve heard so many good things about their Northern academies and how they develop athletes. Also, I couldn’t miss the chance to work with Anna who is a fantastic coach. 

Hayley Mackellar
L to R: Maggie Jackson, Anna Carter and Hayley Mackellar

What has netball taught you?

Netball has been a journey for me, as a player and a coach. Every experience has taught me something, even if it’s a small lesson. You can be kind and honest at the same time. My journey has made me want to be the coach I am and on my way to be. 

If you weren’t a netball coach, what would you do?

I would have my own wellness centre I think.

What’s your favourite netball moment to date?

Getting selected to play internationally for Scotland, but also my Turnford playing days. A great bunch of girls and some fantastic netball. As a coach, it’s seeing the girls grow and enjoy their netball journey.

hayley mackellar

Any pre-game superstitions you can’t drop?

Has to be watching a comedy or a funny movie before a game to get me in the right mood.

And finally, what would you say to your ten-year-old self in relation to life goals and netball?

Fear nothing and give everything you do your all. Ask questions and surround yourself with people that want to be the best they can be. Take something away as a learning from every environment whether it’s a game, training session or coach you meet.

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