Who invented netball

Who Invented Netball

It’s time to see how much you know about the history of netball!

Maybe you’ve played netball for years, or maybe you’re new to the sport, either way we’re about to find out how much you know about the history of your favourite sport!

This short quiz tests your knowledge of the game as we look at when netball was invented and how it has progressed over the years.

Now before you start, we’ll help out by giving you a short introduction into who invented netball, it might help you with some of the questions in the quiz:

James Naismith was ordered to invent an indoor game for 18 high-spirited young men many years ago and from his original idea for an indoor game, netball was born. Naismith’s game featured nine players – three forwards, three centres and three guards – simply because Naismith had 18 youths to keep amused!

Before we give too much away, it’s over to you – there are seven questions for you to complete – good luck!

START the “Who Invented Netball” Quiz:

#1. When was netball invented

#2. Netball is a modification of Basketball?

#3. To begin with, netball was played with different rules in different countries

#4. When were netball rules internationally standardised?

#5. When was netball introduced to the Commonwealth Games?

#6. What nationality was the person who invented the first form of netball?

#7. When was the first England International match?



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Uh oh! Time to brush up on those netball facts, have another go and see if you can score more goals next time!

who invented netball

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