Why did you join Elite Netball Academy?

I was looking for a way out of the struggling travel sector having spent four years running Flight Centre Travel Group’s flagship office in New York. I completed a diploma course in Sports Management at NYU, then along came the global Coronavirus pandemic and a move back to the UK! Sport is my passion, so when I saw the role at Elite Netball Academy, it intrigued me as a chance to get into a growing sports company at ground level.

What do you love about Elite Netball Academy?

Anna and the team’s passion for the sport and for developing young athletes keeps me motivated every day. We’re rapidly building a strong community and I love getting to know the parents and athletes we work with.

Other qualifications

I studied Popular and World Music at the University of Leeds and loved every minute of it. I recently gained a diploma in Sports Management from New York University while working in New York.

And what are your hobbies

Sport. I love watching most sports so I can usually find something to keep me occupied plus I also love music and play the Violin, Piano and Drums and love going to see live music and Musical Theatre where I can. I’ll also find any excuse to travel and having seen so much of the Americas over the last few years, I’m keen to continue to explore more of Europe now it’s back on my doorstep.