ENA 1-1s are number one!

During the summer, Elite Netball Academy launched its 1-1 sessions for athletes looking to step up their netball.

1-1s are an ideal way to receive support from an elite-level coach that is tailored to the needs of an individual player. By working in a smaller group environment, a coach has the ability to drill down on the specifics while the athlete receives more individualised guidance to help them improve quickly. 

Each group of sessions begins with an assessment for the coach to gain insight on the player’s objectives and provide immediate pointers on areas for improvement. Once a plan has been agreed, the player and coach begin working through a list of actions together and addressing each one in turn over a number of weeks. Running for one hour at a time, and typically spread over weekly intervals, players have optimum time for a highly focused session without overloading, as well as the capacity for ‘homework’ in between sessions. 

There is clearly a desire for this type of activity with several players signed up already – from junior players just starting on their club journey to the high performers already on a pathway or equivalent – and many quickly seeing the benefit. 

Here’s one of our first reviews from the parent of a high-performance netballer:  

“We booked a course of six 1:1 sessions, mainly because my daughter had gone from training 3/4 times per week split between club and franchise to just once with club. She was missing training but also wanted to develop and improve some individual areas of her skill set.

“I contacted Elite Netball after hearing many positive reviews and was put in touch with Anna Carter. We had a chat including my daughter about what we wanted to get from the sessions and how she felt she could help.

“Each session was individually planned with input from my daughter. We sent some previous video footage of my daughter in gameplay so that could be analysed to ensure sessions plans were as relevant and useful as possible. Each session was evaluated at the end through discussion this was done in a very constructive and positive way and encouraged self-reflection. The sessions were also Covid safe which put us all at ease.

“Over the course of the sessions, my daughter’s confidence grew and her set goals were being met. She has been equipped with some new skills and techniques that will benefit her court time enormously. 

“There were so many benefits of having 1:1, the most noticeable and valuable was that every aspect of each session was specifically Individualised to my daughter meaning that fine details could be tuned which are often missed in group training. Some of the smallest details picked up on by Anna have made the biggest difference!”

Elite Netball Academy has availability for 1-1 and 2-1 sessions throughout Autumn.

For further details or to book a course of sessions, submit your enquiry today.

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