Develop high expectations. Our Emerging Talent Hub (ETH) is for netball players who love to play the game regularly or for those who are keen to improve and progress their netball knowledge. These are quality sessions aimed to upskill players and provide opportunities to players without the 2.5 hours of commitment needed in our High-Performance Centre. Players may progress if they are recommended by the coach to our High-Performance Centre but we recognise this step up might not be for everyone and just the opportunity to practise more often might be enough.

Every week we cover a different netball theme, these vary between technique and skill-based drills, we also allow the opportunity to practice these new skills in games during each class.


The Emerging Talent Hub is a weekly class that takes place during term time for U13’s and U15’s.

Elite Netball Academy coaches have a wealth of experience and a shared passion for the sport ensuring your child is supported in a positive and enthusiastic environment where development and progression can take place.

Our Emerging Talent Hub class for the season 2021/2022 is at:

The Grammar School at Leeds

Fridays – years 7 -11, time 7.30 – 9 pm

Classes cost £55 a month and are paid by direct debit.

Who is this for?

Target Group: 14 – 17 years old, netball players of all abilities and experience.

Our ETH shows an understanding of different players’ learning styles and physical developments by providing an enjoyable, safe and secure learning environment where growth and development can take place.

What do we cover?

• Technical skills in attack and defence

• Unit work in attack and defence

• Ball and movement skills

• Gameplay situations

Performance pillars for Emerging Talent Hub Athletes:

Focus on fundamentals such as footwork, passing, catching to create a good knowledge base to build on.Learning more about the positional role, layers of attack and defence with an emphasis on personal growth.General fitness activities but the focus is on building multi-functional movement techniques. Which is included within the session.Focus on enjoyable but challenging sessions that build confidence. They improve their understanding of their positional role.

The outcomes

First and foremost, young people will leave feeling as though they have learned something new, had fun and formed new friendships as well as developed their netball skills. Many players have gone on to be invited into the High-Performance Classes after showing the potential to achieve and develop through our sessions.

“Millie has really enjoyed the weekly classes, they have vastly improved her ability and skills. The classes and activities have really kept her motivated during lockdown. I am sure she will be returning to school and club netball at a much higher standard. Many thanks to all the brilliant Elite Netball Academy coaching team and staff.”

Jo, Parent