Our 1:1 training programme is a popular choice for athletes seeking to explore their potential in the game. 1:1s are for committed athletes looking for a tailored, individual netball programme to improve their skills and fitness levels.

We are the number one provider of 1:1s for netball athletes of all abilities and work closely with you to analyse and improve every aspect of your game.


Coaching and mentoring happens weekly for athletes in our 1:1 programme.

Who this is for?

For children aged 11 – 17 of all abilities and netball experience.

Please get in touch with us for more information on our 1:1 training programme.

What do 1:1s cover?

Content covered in 1:1s varies from athlete to athlete, once the areas for development have been agreed, a joint process starts and the player and coach invest in the target areas.

  • Individual ball skills
  • Individual movement skills
  • Individual defence and attacking technical skills.
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Tailored netball programme
  • 1:1 mentoring

The outcomes

Once the areas of development have been agreed upon, we will work together to invest in the target areas. You’ll gain the skills you need to become a master of the netball court, you will learn how to read the game and use your physical and mental strength to the best of your ability on and off the court.

“Each session was individually planned with input from my daughter. Over the course, my daughter’s confidence grew and her set goals were met. She is now equipped with some new skills and techniques that will benefit her court time enormously.”

Parent Feedback on 1:1 training